The Foreclosure Settlement: A Leaky Refuge

March 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Last week, an agreement emerged between state attorneys general, major mortgage brokers, and the federal government, and everyone who has watched the US housing market since its collapse in 2007 suddenly had some good news.


Or maybe not.

Housing is an important bellwether for gauging an economy’s health. How do you know the US economy’s health sucks right now? Sure, you hear that borrowing has fallen and investment is down. Worse, you haven’t heard back from that non-profit marketing company where you sent a resume –nor from any of those restaurants where you applied as a back-up plan–and the jobless numbers, though decreasing, are still pitifully high. But check the pulse of the housing market. A house is more than a home; it’s also a way of protecting your money against inflation.

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